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 Gold Sponsors for 2018

A new business, with a new vision, but with a long track record. That’s Tesorion. Our name is new, but our specialists have decades of experience in information security, information management and cybersecurity. Tesorion is a fusion of different enterprises each with its own specialisation in the field of cybersecurity. We have combined these specialisations to create a best breed, integrated and single comprehensive solution at Tesorion. This makes Tesorion a unique cybersecurity provider, headquartered in the Netherlands, but serving customers globally.In-house specialists and proprietary software.

Tesorion employs the very best talent in cybersecurity in the Netherlands. This means we can develop our own software, we are agile and can deliver solutions that are more secure and independent of third parties. We determine what software we develop and when we release updates.Total vision on cybersecurity
Our vision on cybersecurity is comprehensive. This total vision is derived from the fusion of specialised companies, giving us the luxury of profound insights into all the aspects which are essential to your business continuity. We make sure everyone in your company is confident about your cybersecurity, from the shop-floor to the boardroom.

Solutions for complex organisations
Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity proves its worth every single day. Even in highly complex organisations where data breaches or hacking can have serious implications for production capacity and/or reputation.

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Legian is an independent consultancy and staffing agency that works at the cutting edge of IT and organisation. Legian is listed as one of the top 100  IT companies (26) in the Netherlands by Dutch IT magazine Computable.

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vest_sponsor Started in 2002, Vest is a true pioneer in Business Information Governance. Information Security isn’t just one of the many services, it is the core business of Vest. Services are divided in the business areas: Security Design, Security Testing, Security Management and Security Awareness.

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